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ARCASHA DESIGN is a creative design studio that offers a space for making and contemplating craftsmanship and experimentation in the extended field of textiles without compromise.

With an emphasis on artistic experimentation through shapes and ideas, Arcasha Design offers a unique language that navigates between the world of calligraphy and contemporary textile design, through sculptural pieces, installations, home accessories, costumes.

We seek to invent new ways to create designs to develop original pieces and projects that will last in our memory, our living environment, in response to the overwhelming number of design products we are all exposed to.

Objects that we will treasure over time and pass on to the future generation, works that can whisper a story, invite a touch and provoke the imagination.


The words, especially the sounds of the human voice and the person behind them, inspires me…. the repetition of the words by their handwriting – the calligraphic formation of the letters in different cultures and the universal concept of breathing that together form a line.

CRISTINA MOCAN is a multidisciplinary artist, working in a number of visual disciplines. She is known for her works of calligraphic art and collage.
With training in the field of design and textile art, her works explores rich textural nuances and expressive gestures.

Find out more about artistic work here: www.cristinamocan.ro


2020 – ExpoCaligrafia International, Cluj-Napoca
2019 – ExpoCaligrafia International, Bucuresti
2018 – Gaudeamus book fair, Bucharesti
2017 – Demers TeaHouse, Cluj-Napoca
2017 – Romanian Design Week
2015 – Enescu Square, Brasov
2014 – Libraria Diverta, Cluj-Napoca

Talks & Performances

2019 – Romanian Cultural Institute, Bucuresti
2020 – Art Muzeum, Cluj-Napoca


2014 – Atelier de Scris