Space and Form in freehand writing

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The freehand writing course brings all the benefits of the constant practice that calligraphy implies: a better knowledge and use of the hand, the correction of possible wrong postures, elements of rhythm, spacing, motor imagination, a correct and complex training.

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This course focuses exclusively on the formation of small handwritten letters, more precisely on the rendering of a fluid and orderly construction in the written text. The aim is to familiarize students with a variety of construction of the written space and encourage them to find their own variant.
We start from scratch, build and deconstruct the small letters by hand, and step by step, we give life to the text, making it dynamic and coherent. The course is not about the letters taken individually, but about rhythm, movement, consistency and page layout.
The course is suitable for both adults and children over 13 who want to bring order, elegance and legibility in their handwriting.

The working sessions will be held during June-July 2020, starting with 4 of June 2020, each Thursday between 5-6 pm.

After each online meeting, homework topics will be suggested, but they are not mandatory. Each student is welcome to share ideas, ask for feedback, and learn from the comments made to others. The link for the meeting session will be send via email one day in advance before the meeting starts.

Maximum participants: 20

Recommendations for the necessary materials:

– A4 sheets (xerox  or writing paper)
– 4B pencil (recommended but not mandatory)
– linear in cm and mm – average length – 30 cm
– fine liners, colored pencils, markers


The cost of the displayed course is for a one meeting. Subscriptions include 4 weekly meetings for the current month. The price of a subscription is 110 RON.
The sessions can be done regardless of whether you attended a previous session or not, but of course going through all the sessions brings better motor coordination of the hand, fluency in written signs, and last but not least a constant in the practice of writing according to the exercises.

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