We promote art as a form of personal and artistic expression. Learning the art of writing and artistic expression and its instruments, enhancing creativity and releasing behavioral or thinking patterns are just some of what we will learn, practice and experiment together during the courses.

What we will do together.

We can be anyone, but with the pen and the ink in one hand, or bent over a seemingly banal roll of fabric, we become freer, more creative, richer spiritually,  loaded with a new experience. Art makes us mentally healthier. Detachment from traps and routines transforms our lives. Art has this gift!

Handwriting is a personal skill that we can all fully manifest. Our workshops mean a refined encounter with calligraphy, through imagination, sensitivity and creativity, a context for ideas and forms, rhythm and movement.
We experience writing space as an open space, to be explored, a space that can surprise and surprise one another, escaping the routine and habits encountered in school.

We also offer activities for private groups, corporations or schools. We can discuss the details by email at: design@arcasha.com.

Our workshops are social events, where everyone can enjoy the hand-made process, expand their knowledge and have fun contributing to maintaining the craft in the future.

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