Calligraphy & Textiles

Arcasha Design is a creative design house specializing in art-based prints. Our designs navigates between and around the worlds of calligraphy and contemporary textile design.
What began as a creative dream we aim to turn it into a design process, to create fabrics and surfaces using a wide variety of materials and processes, combining handmade or traditional processes with new technologies.
Opened for collaborations all of the world and ready for new design applications.
Feel free to explore our work.
We are surfaces, and surfaces are us …. (Joseph A. Amato)
The surfaces represent points of connection and interaction between the body, things and the world.
The surfaces are where the action is.
Handwriting is a personal skill that we can all fully manifest. 
Our workshops are a refined encounter with calligraphy, through imagination, sensitivity and creativity, a context for ideas and forms, rhythm and movement.